Reasons To Consider A Linear Shower Drainage System

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Reasons To Consider A Linear Shower Drainage System

16 April 2021
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A linear drain is a long rectangular drain that maximizes directing water towards a single exit. As a result, linear shower drainage systems deliver an efficient removal of water from the shower basin. If you are considering installing linear shower drains, here are some benefits you stand to gain.

Reduces Barriers to the Shower

Many of the elderly remain at their homes. There are many slippery and unfriendly areas in showers and bathtubs. Therefore, installing linear shower drains is one way to make your home suited for the old generation. 

With linear drains, you will have curbless showers, which reduces the likelihood of accidents in the bathroom. Linear drain installations have no barriers to the shower. This enables people to move safely from wet to dry areas.

Linear Drains Support Large Tiles

When installing traditional shower drainage systems, you need to choose different tiles for the shower floor. For example, in traditional tiled showers, the tiles should not exceed 2-3" to support the appropriate sloping of water. However, with linear drains, there are no tile size restrictions.

When it comes to linear drains, the floor should slope in one direction towards the drain. Therefore, you can use tiles that are 12" by 24" or even larger. 

Different Installation Options

Linear shower drainage systems come with different installation options. When choosing the installation, you have to consider the function of the drain. Some popular installation options include wall-to-wall, against-a-wall, barrier-free, and threshold.

Wall-to-wall installation is where the channel runs across the length of the bathroom. On the other hand, the against-a-wall installation is where the drains are installed to flush against the wall of the shower. With a barrier-free installation, your bathroom floor should be level between the shower area and the entire bathroom. This installation allows you to achieve a tiled floor that is the same throughout the bathroom floor. Lastly, the threshold installation is where the linear drain is at the door, hence the term "threshold." This system prevents water from moving past the shower compartment.

There are a lot of considerations that go into installing a linear shower than just cost. You also have to choose the right installation and find a qualified plumber. Installing a linear shower drain is one of the best ways to update your bathroom model and improve your home's aesthetics and value. Reach out to a plumber to discuss your shower drainage system.