Two Easy HVAC Cleaning Tasks

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Two Easy HVAC Cleaning Tasks

30 March 2021
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You don't have to be an HVAC professional to improve the functionality of your system. That is, there are a few simple things you can do yourself that could ultimately make certain components in your HVAC system work better. Of course, you will still need to rely on regular professional servicing to keep some of the more complicated components working properly, but some DIY jobs can also have an impact on your system. This article explains two of the best DIY jobs for homeowners who don't have any experience working with HVAC systems.

Cleaning Inside Your Furnace Cabinet

Maintaining a clean furnace cabinet is something that will improve the functionality of several components of your HVAC system. The furnace cabinet houses the heat exchanger and the furnace blower. Respectively, these components are responsible for creating the hot air and then circulating it into your duct. So, these are probably the two most important things to clean when it comes to the inside of your furnace cabinet.

Usually, you can do all of the cleaning with a hose vacuum and a damp rag. You probably won't need to use any liquid cleaning solution or scrubbing devices. The hose vacuum should be able to suck up most of the loose dirt and dust inside your cabinet. However, there could be some dust on the sidewalls of the cabinet, the blower fan blades, and the outside of the heat exchanger pipes. This is common if there is any sort of moisture inside your furnace cabinet.

Cleaning Your Air Registers

Cleaning your air registers is another important DIY job. You want to remove them completely from the wall and clean both sides. It is very common for dust to build up on the inside of the registers, even if they are left open. When you remove the registers from the wall, there might also be dust buildup on the edge of the drywall where it meets the duct. All of this can eventually clog the register vents and block airflow.

So, as a homeowner, it is definitely worthwhile to clean your air registers about once a year. This can increase airflow and reduce dust in your home. This is a major perk if you have anybody in your home that suffers from allergies.

You can clean your furnace cabinet and air registers within a few hours. As you can see, you don't need special tools.

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