Reasons To Schedule A Sewer Line Camera Inspection

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Reasons To Schedule A Sewer Line Camera Inspection

13 January 2021
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Sending a small camera down your sewer line to inspect the pipes can be an investment that will save you money. It can help you avoid costly repairs or target them so they can be addressed without a lot of troubleshooting.

Location Services

There are many reasons why you may need to know the layout of the pipes in your yard. For example, if you are planning to dig for any reason, such as installing a new pool, it's vital to know where your home's main sewer line is located. A sewer line camera can be equipped with a GPS locator, which allows the technician to generate a map of the camera's path through your sewer lines. You may also need to use the location service in order to determine exactly where a clog or damaged section of pipe is located. This way, you don't have to dig up the entire line for repairs.

Clog Cause Determination

Knowing the cause of a clog serves two purposes. First, the type of clog may inform you of the best way to have it removed. Tree roots, for example, need to be ground out with a pipe auger, and then a treatment needs to be applied to prevent them from growing back. Second, knowing what is causing the clog can help you prevent future clogs. If a major clog is developing due to debris trapped in grease, then changing your grease disposal habits may be all that's needed to solve the issue. Further, some clogs are caused by damage, so repairs may be necessary as opposed to normal sewer line cleaning methods.

Damage Inspection

If you have recently bought a home or have an older home, it makes sense to schedule a full camera inspection so you can know if there are any current issues or developing issues in your sewer lines that need to be addressed. Common forms of damage an inspection can uncover include corrosion and rust, collapsing pipes, and pipes that are busting open or separating at the joints. You can sometimes repair minor damage if you catch them early enough, or at least opt for less invasive repair options such as trenchless pipe relining. If problems like collapsing pipes go undetected for too long, then trenchless repair may not be an option. In this case, a more invasive and expensive full pipe replacement will be needed.

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