4 Common Causes of Dry Water Wells

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4 Common Causes of Dry Water Wells

26 August 2020
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If you turn on the faucet and yet no water flows from your water well, then you may have to call a professional who is familiar with well systems to help. Here are a few likely causes to consider. 

Electrical issues may be affecting your well pump. 

One of the common causes of a dry well is issues with the well pump. The well pump must be operating in order to pull water from the well, through the lines, and into the house. Most often, an electrical issue will be to blame when a pump stops working. 

You could have an issue with water flow through your water delivery lines. 

Having a private well means you also have a series of water delivery lines. These lines are prone to issues which may prevent water from flowing to the house. For example, if a line gets damaged due to freezing, it will interrupt the water flow to your storage tank or the main pressure tank inside the house. 

Water check valves on the pressure tank may be to blame. 

Wells are usually connected to a water pressure tank inside the house that helps to maintain steady pressure on the lines. These pressure tanks are outfitted with a check valve that will kick on and off if the pressure is too high or low. These valves can go out, and when they do, there will be no water flowing through the tank, so you won't get water from your faucets either. Thankfully, a professional can help you with check valve replacement to see if that is the issue. 

Water may be lacking in your well. 

Another common reason you can't get water from your water well is a lack of water in the well itself. This can happen for a list of reasons, such as: 

  • Changes in the water table that would normally feed water to your well
  • Using more water than usual from your well 
  • Water leaking out of your drilled water well 

If your home is not getting water from your well, and you have looked and found there is no water in the well, you may need to call on a professional for help. In some cases, this kind of issue is going to mean that you need to make major changes to the well. For example, you may need a deeper well that reaches further into the underground water table in order to get a healthy supply of water. 

Check out the site of a local professional to see if they can help you.