Consider Feature Placement When Hiring An Electrician For Basement Finishing

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Consider Feature Placement When Hiring An Electrician For Basement Finishing

19 August 2020
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While going through all the steps that come with refinishing your basement, you may understand the importance of hiring professionals for several steps along the way. For instance, you will want to hire an electrician to assist with expanding the home's electrical system to cover the entire basement so that you can get all the functionality that you want and need from this space.

As you work with an electrician, you should think about the placement for all the electrical features that you are adding to make sure you are completely satisfied with the outcome.

Electrical Outlets

When you furnish and decorate each area or room in the basement, you will likely use electrical outlets to plug in electronics that provide you with the functionality that you are looking for.

An ideal plan is to spread electrical outlets evenly throughout each space so that you do not have to think about using an extension cord to plug something in. This also means that you must add enough outlets to avoid a situation in which there is an extreme gap between any pair of outlets.

If you are not exactly sure where to make plans for installing electrical outlets, you should get an electrician to figure out the details with the goal of plugging in a device anywhere with ease.

Light Switches

Although you may know the general area where you want to install light switches, you should consider checking out lots of different examples from model homes and even online property listings. This will help you determine whether you want to install light switches that almost touch the door frame or choose a spot anywhere from a few inches to a foot away from the frame.

By going through this process, you can feel more confident about ending up with a finished basement that you find attractive as you will likely know where the switches are located.

Light Fixtures

Picking where you want all the light fixtures to go may not be an easy process since you have so much freedom for these installations. For the most part, you should prioritize adding fixtures at the center of each room because this is how you will get the most balanced lighting.

When it comes to adding recessed lights, you should figure out how many recessed cans you want to add and then you will have an easier time coming up with spots for them all.

If you are finishing your basement, you should not underestimate the importance of feature placement when working with an electrician.

Have additional concerns? Reach out to a local electrician.