Having Your Home's Septic System Inspected

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Having Your Home's Septic System Inspected

20 February 2020
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Without a working septic system, your home may not have a way of handling the wastewater that is produced by the plumbing system. Unfortunately, septic systems can be prone to suffering a range of problems that will be able to limit the effectiveness of this system.

Does The Entire Septic Tank Need To Be Excavated To Be Inspected?

When a septic system is suffering from problems, a thorough inspection will be needed to assess the extent of the problem. Unfortunately, a homeowner that is experiencing problems with their septic system may be hesitant about having it inspected due to fears about the entire tank needing to be excavated or other major work that will be required. However, these tanks will have an access hatch that will allow technicians to lower their inspection equipment into the tank. Most often, this will be a remote-controlled camera system that can be used to thoroughly inspect the lining of the septic tank.

Is The Septic Tank The Only Part Of The System That Can Develop Clogs Or Other Problems?

While the septic tank can be one of the components that will be the most vulnerable to suffering a range of problems, it is far from the only part of the septic system that will be at this risk. For example, the lines leading to the septic tank from the home can also be prone to damage. The drain field that releases the water from the septic tank can also be vulnerable to clogs and other problems as a result of the narrow width of these pipes. Fortunately, these parts of the septic system can also be inspected using remote cameras as they can be inserted into these pipes so that the septic professional can get a clear view of the interior.

What Types Of Repairs Will Be Needed If Septic System Problems Are Discovered?

The exact type of repair that will be required for your septic system will mostly be dictated by the location of the damage as well as the type. For example, a small grease clog could be broken up without the need to excavate any part of the system. However, a full root intrusion into the system will require excavation work as the root will need to be cut away from the septic system, and the breach that it created will have to be closed. Once the septic inspection has been completed, the contractor will be able to recommend the next steps that you should take for repairing or correcting the problem.