Three Heating System Repairs For Your Home

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Three Heating System Repairs For Your Home

25 January 2020
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A malfunctioning heating system will need to be addressed by a professional as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the occupants of the home may find that it becomes extremely cold and uncomfortable to be inside the house. While the range of potential problems a heating system can experience may be wide, many homeowners may not even be aware of the steps for handling the most common and likely problems their heating system could suffer.

Smoke Coming From the Unit

Smoke coming from the vents when the heating system is running or out the sides of the heating system itself can represent some of the most serious problems a heating system could experience. When you notice this problem, you should immediately turn off the heating system and check it for signs of a fire occurring. Before starting the system again, it should be thoroughly inspected so as to determine the cause of the smoke. In some instances, it may be the result of dust igniting. However, it could also indicate a more serious problem that could lead to a raging fire occurring.

Difficulties With Regulating the Temperature

Being able to set the temperature for the home will require the heating system to be able to start running when the temperature drops low and stop once it warms up. When there are problems with the system's thermostat, it will be much harder for the system to do this as it could result in it no longer being able to take accurate temperature readings. While the thermostat is one of the most important parts of your heating system, it will also be one of the more affordable to have replaced. This can make it a relatively minor heating repair to have the thermostat panel replaced. However, you will need to choose a model that will be compatible with your heating system, and this may limit you on the options that are available to you.

Damage to the Burner

Many heating units will utilize a burner to produce the heat that is needed. These burners will ignite heating oils, natural gas and other common fuels. Problems with the burner can have a range of problems on the unit as it can completely prevent the production of heat, but it can also lead to significant amounts of fuel being wasted due to inefficiencies. The repair for the burner will largely depend on the type of damage that it suffered. For example, a burner that has suffered corrosion punctures or other damage may need to be replaced entirely. However, one that has become clogged with soot and resin may only need a thorough cleaning.