4 DIY Bathroom Plumbing Projects That Will Help You Save In Different Ways

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4 DIY Bathroom Plumbing Projects That Will Help You Save In Different Ways

24 July 2018
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The bathroom will be at home is an area with a lot of plumbing that can cause you to lose money damage or excessive water usage. There are some DIY plumbing projects for your bathroom that can help you prevent common problems and save money in different ways. Here some DIY plumbing projects that will help you prevent the costly problems with your bathroom.

1. Updating Bathroom Plumbing Fixtures To Lower Water Bills

Old outdated bathroom fixtures can cause you to waste water and energy. Replacing these fixtures with new low consumption are easy to install and will help you save. You can start by replacing the sink faucet and shower or bath fixtures. The toilet can also be replaced with a more efficient model, which is something that you will probably want to contact a professional plumber to help you with.

2. Simple Repairs For Leaky Water Line Fittings In The Bathroom

Like plumbing in much of your home, bathroom plumbing fixtures have water lines with threaded fittings. These fittings often league in need to be resealed to prevent water damage and other problems. Repairing the threaded fittings on water lines is a simple task that only requires you to unscrew the fitting and add new Teflon tape around the male end and reattach the water line.

3. Repairing A Leaky Toilet That Is Causing You Costly Water Bills

One of the costliest plumbing problems that you may have in your bathroom is a leaking toilet. This is often due to the rubber valve inside the tank that leaks and causes the toilet to constantly run. To repair this problem that causes costly water bills, all you will need to do is get a float valve replacement kit for your toilet and replace the worn valve. If you need help, contact a residential plumber to replace the valve or the entire toilet if you want a more efficient, low water consumption model. 

4. Clearing Bathroom Drains To Prevent Costly Clogged Plumbing

Bathroom drains can collect hair, soap, and other debris that clogs drains. To avoid costly damage to plumbing drain lines, routinely clean out all the debris in the traps of sinks, tubs, and showers. If something does get caught in the drain, use a plumber's snake to remove it before it gets deeper into your pipes.

This DIY bathroom plumbing projects will help you to save money on repairs and costly plumbing problems. If you need help with repairs and maintenance to the plumbing in your home, contact a professional plumbing service like BUCKEYE PLUMBING INC.