Planning A New Well On Your Property

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Planning A New Well On Your Property

11 April 2018
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If you are building a new home or have a home that needs a new well, some things need to be considered before you just start drilling holes hoping to find water. If you have a well that stopped producing, drilling near it is probably not your best choice but getting a well drilling company or well contractor out onto the site for a survey is a good place to start. Along with the drilling company, you will need to get a plumber as well.

Deciding Where To Drill

The best way to plan the location of the well on your property is to get the water well contractor or well drilling company to come do a site survey. They will look at the geography of the site and make a decision as to where the drilling needs to start. It is not an exact science, but drillers that have some experience in the industry can usually pick the right site for the well. It won't always be close to the house, but as long as it is in a place that a trench can be dug to put the water line in, it doesn't matter how far away it is.

Plumbing And Electrical

The water well contractor or drilling company will have a pump installer come out to the site once the well is drilled. The installer will install the pump in the well, run the plumbing and electrical to the house, and hook up the pressure tank in the basement or where ever it is going to be placed. The installation is relatively routine, but you will need a plumber to install the final connections inside and an electrician to hook up the electrical. If you are using a well contractor to do the work, they can provide the necessary sub-contractors to get the work done for you.

Water Treatment Options

While most wells provide very clean water, there are some that have iron or other minerals in the water that you may want to filter out. Talk to your well contractor about having the water tested and installing a filtration system if you feel like you need one for your well. Some systems will filter just heavy metals and others that will take out almost anything that is in the water, but the first step is always to test the water. The filtration system can be set up right near the pressure tank, so the water from the well goes through it before it enters the home's plumbing, protecting the plumbing and making the water taste great coming out of your faucets.

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