3 Reasons Your Toilet Has Been Clogged Frequently

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3 Reasons Your Toilet Has Been Clogged Frequently

27 March 2018
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No one wants to spend his or her free time plunging a clogged toilet or cleaning up after one overflows. Even worse is when this becomes a frequent event instead of a rare occurrence. A frequently clogged toilet can be a sign that something has gone awry in your plumbing system. Determining the source of the problem so that you can stop it from continuing to happen is key. Here are three possible reasons your toilet is clogging frequently.

Bathroom Behavior Needs Modification

It is always a possibility that someone in your household is engaging in bathroom behavior that is leading to the clogs. If this is the case, a simple change to the behavior will fix the issue. A common example is someone in your family flushing baby wipes, feminine products, or other items that aren't really supposed to be flushed. These are even more likely to cause a problem if you have an older plumbing system. Another example is kids dropping toys into the toilet and then flushing them by mistake. Having a household meeting to go over some basic ground rules for the bathroom may help.

You Have a Low Flow Toilet

Low flow toilets are an invention designed to save water by using less water when you flush. Low flow toilets have come a long way, but some older models were simply not very powerful, which can lead to frequent clogs. If you have an older low flow model toilet, it may not be adequate for your family's plumbing needs. Replacing it with a more powerful but still energy-efficient option may be your best bet.

You Have a Problem with Your Main Line

The best indication that the issue is actually in your main sewer line is if you are experiencing frequent clogs in multiple toilets instead of just one. Another is if you're having additional plumbing problems besides just clogged toilets, such as water backing up into sinks or showers. Tree roots may have grown into your main sewer line, or part of the line could have become corroded over time. If you suspect this may be the issue, it's crucial to have a plumber inspect your plumbing system right away. If left unresolved, a clogged or broken main sewer line can lead to a major sewage backup.

If you are still unsure what is causing the toilet to clog so often, or you have a good idea of the cause but don't know how to fix it, it's time to call a plumber. A good plumber can run a scope into your plumbing system, officially determine the cause of the clog, and implement a solution.

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