3 Characteristics To Look For In A Kitchen Hot Water Dispenser

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3 Characteristics To Look For In A Kitchen Hot Water Dispenser

14 March 2018
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Boiling water, whether on the stove or with an electric kettle can take some time and effort. Sitting a pan on the stove to boil water takes even more time and energy use.  If you want to be able to make a cup of tea or instant coffee in the morning without having to constantly wait on water, a hot water dispenser is the perfect kitchen addition. A hot water dispenser can be added to your sink so that you can get hot water at the touch of a button. If you are seriously considering a hot water dispenser, here are three must-have characteristics. 

Matches your sink in a seamless way

An add-on to your sink should not be bulky or get in the way of the kitchen handles. Select a hot water dispenser with a small tank. A small tank that holds and heats several gallons will work for nearly all households. If you plan to use the dispenser for coffee, tea, and dinner cooking needs a light tank will do. The tank should be able to be properly anchored under the sink in your home.  A sleek design for the top of the counter, made of smooth stainless steel or a sink matching material will make it appear that the dispenser was made along with your sink as a normal addition. 

Provides temperature control

Sometimes you want your cup of coffee to be steaming hot because you will leave it to cool while you take a shower. Other times you may need to drink your coffee as you are running out the door, so the temperature will need to be lower. A temperature controlled hot water dispenser is the key to being able to produce the perfect food or drink. Choose a dispenser with a dial system that will allow you to turn the temperature up and down to produce the perfect hot or warm cup. 

Get a self-cleaning machine 

One thing about a hot water dispenser, much like a regular water dispenser, is that it must be cleaned on occasion. Water dispensers can breed bacteria if they are not properly cleaned, so they will have to be properly cleared out. Invest in a hot water dispenser with a self-cleaning mechanism that you can use on a monthly basis. Once every six months, have a plumber come to inspect the interior of the machine to determine the cleanliness and health of the dispenser. 

For more information on hot water dispensers, contact your local equipment supplier.