Boiler Making Sounds? 3 Reasons Why

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Boiler Making Sounds? 3 Reasons Why

18 December 2017
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Has your boiler been making odd sounds that are driving you crazy? If so, know that you are not stuck listening to those sounds forever. With the help of a plumber, you can get your boiler operating quietly once again. Here are three reasons why your boiler could be making all that noise.

Air Pockets

One of the most annoying sounds that you'll hear from your boiler is water hammer. This is a problem where there are actually air pockets trapped within the boiler's plumbing that goes through your home, and those pockets push the water quickly through the pipes. Since the water has problems shooting so fast around curves, it will slam into the side of the pipe and cause the entire section to rattle. It sounds almost as if someone is hitting the pipe with a hammer, hence the appropriate name this phenomenon has been given.

The only way to fix the problem is to clear out the air pockets within the system. This will require draining all of the water out of the lines and slowly filling them back up again. With the air pockets removed, there will be no way for the water hammer effect to occur.

Mineral Deposits

Mineral deposits can affect any type of water that enters your home, even water that comes from a municipal water source. The problem that these minerals cause is that they will enter your boiler where the water gets heated, and typically collect along the bottom. Limescale then forms along the boiler, which creates hot spots when the water gets heated.

This process can actually cause the water to get slightly hotter than the necessary temperature, creating air bubbles that rise to the top. It creates a banging sound within the boiler due to those air bubbles collapsing, which also causes the energy efficiency of the boiler to decrease.

A plumber can help drain the boiler of mineral deposits, remove the limescale within the boiler, and help return it to the quiet state that it once was.

Oversized Burner

The goal of a boiler is not to bring the water to a boil, but to heat it slightly below boiling temperatures. A burner that is too big for the boiler can actually create a sound that is similar to a teapot when it is boiling. This problem would require replacing the burner with one that is the appropriate size for your boiler.

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