Bearded Collies And HVAC Systems: How To Deal With This Problem

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Bearded Collies And HVAC Systems: How To Deal With This Problem

7 April 2017
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Bearded collies are popular dogs that are cute due to their awesomely long hair. Unfortunately, this hair can cause serious problems in an HVAC system. Here is how this problem occurs and the ways a person can deal with it.

Bearded Collies Have A Lot Of Hair

While bearded collies are not the hairiest dog in the world, they are called bearded for a reason. Their fairly thick hair has a way of getting unruly when not combed, washed, or cut regularly. When it gets too long, it goes airborne and has a way of getting sucked up into a home's HVAC system. How does hair get into an HVAC system? By getting sucked into the system through vents. This problem is one that can seriously affect an HVAC system, especially in homes that have a long-haired dog like a bearded collie.

The Dangers Of Dog Hair In An HVAC

Just how problematic is bearded collie hair in an HVAC system? This hair will end up getting blown through the system and getting redistributed. Even worse, it can clog up a hair filter or cause allergic reactions that affect members of the family.

As a result, it is important to manage this problem quickly and efficiently. But how can a person with a bearded collie avoid getting their hair stuck in an HVAC system? Managing this situation requires a few different steps, ones that examine both the collie and the HVAC system.

Managing The Problem

The first step is to regularly brush, clean, and cut the hair of the bearded collie. These bearded collie grooming steps should be done outside to minimize the risk of hair getting into the HVAC system. Brushing the bearded collie daily will remove loose hair and cleaning them once a week will eliminate dirt and dry skin that may contribute to pet dander problems. Cut their hair at least once every few months to minimize this risk.

Next, it is important to use a variety of methods to clean their hair out of the HVAC system. For example, HEPA air cleaners are designed to eliminate allergens in the air and can be installed directly on the system. Forced air can push these items out of the system and eliminate their danger. Even HVAC system cleaning can help here, though it is typically done no more than once every five years or so.

This simple treatment methods will help make it possible to own a bearded collie without getting their hair and dander stuck in an HVAC system. In this way, a homeowner can avoid serious allergy risks and other problems caused by this hair. For more information, contact companies like Action Plumbing Heating & Air Conditioning Inc.