Ensuring Safety To Those Utilizing A Portable Restroom

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Ensuring Safety To Those Utilizing A Portable Restroom

2 March 2017
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If you plan on renting a portable restroom for a wedding you are hosting on your property, you will most likely be concerned about the comfort and safety of those who will be using will be using it. There are several steps you can take to ensure guests are kept safe when they need to go inside of a portable restroom unit. Here are some tips you can use to keep your guests safe when restrooms are present upon your property.

Make Sure The Unit Is Placed Appropriately

It is important that a portable restroom is located on a portion of your land where there are no hills or gullies present to ensure it remains upright for the duration of the event. Look for a location where the land is completely flat. The unit should also be positioned away from the hubbub of activity of the event so the restroom does not become a hindrance in festivities being enjoyed. Place the unit far enough away where it is not in direct view of the wedding activity, but close enough so it can be utilized quickly when needed. 

Secure The Unit With Stakes And Watch The Weather

Use metal stakes to secure the bottom of the unit into the ground where it will be resting. It is best to place a portable restroom on a grassy or soil surface so these stakes can be used to help keep the unit from tipping over. It is important to keep an eye on the weather. If there are windy conditions present, or if a storm is imminent, it is best for guests to stay out of the portable restroom during this time. 

Call The Rental Service If Any Problems Arise

If the unit is not working as it should, a call can be made to the rental service promptly so they can come back to your home with another unit. It is important to check over the unit at the time it is delivered so there is no need to call for services after guests arrive. If the unit becomes full, a call should be made right away so the service can bring you a replacement unit. It is a good idea to ask the rental service how long one portable unit will last for the number of guests you intend on having present at the wedding. This way an additional unit can be rented if necessary.