3 Post-Beach Clean Up Issues That Can Cause Plumbing Problems

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3 Post-Beach Clean Up Issues That Can Cause Plumbing Problems

25 May 2016
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Going to the beach is a great way to relax and enjoy natural waters, but many times families end up bringing a lot of the beach home with them. Cleaning up after a visit to the beach can be a daunting task, especially for larger families. As you head back to your home, it's important to be aware of what parts of the beach you're bringing with you. While showering and cleaning off, it's important to be aware of the impact that your beach trip has on the plumbing. There are three specific issues that can cause problems after going to the beach. By being aware of these issues, you can fix any current problems that you have and prevent them in the future.


One of the biggest factors impacting your home plumbing after the beach is sand. Sand seems to cling to you like a magnet when returning from the beach. As you go home and shower, that same sand can easily cling to the side of your drainage pipes. When enough sand gets built-up, it can attach to soap scum and create a clog inside your shower or tub. If this type of clog occurs, a plumber can come to snake your pipes and break the sand away. If multiple people live in your home, the sand can quickly pile up and cause a clog within just a day or so.

As you arrive home from the beach, it's a good idea to rinse off with a hose outside of the home. This will help eliminate any of the remaining sand. A vacuum cleaner can also help suck up any remaining particles so that the drains remain clog-free.


If you love to swim in the salt water, then you can feel the benefits it has on your skin, but the same cannot be said for your hair. Salt can naturally absorb moisture, and extended exposure for your hair can cause it dry out. This can result in dry and brittle hair that easily breaks off your scalp. When showering after a trip to the beach, that hair can easily fall into the drain and cause a clog. For shower drains, hair is one of the biggest culprits for a clog. It can easily form into a tangled mess and wreck havoc on your pipes. If you suspect a hair clog, then a plumber can inspect the pipes, remove the clog, and keep the water flowing naturally through the tub.

The next time you return to the beach, consider wearing a hair cap to protect your hair from the salt water. You may also want to try and treat your hair with shampoos and conditioners that can lock the moisture in. This will result in less brittle hair and help reduce the amount that falls into the drain.

Sunscreen & Tanning Oils

At the beach, it's important to stay protected with a variety of sunscreens and tanning oils. While these oils can do wonders for your skin, they can cause major problems for your piping. Oils and sunscreen can cling to the sides of drainage pipes, dry up, and cause clogging issues for your plumbing. The dried oils also make it hard for soap, hair, and other debris to properly drain without getting caught up. To help remove the oils, a plumber may use a piping jet that blasts everything off the walls of the pipe and sends it through the drainage system.

To help eliminate the oils from your body, rinse off using a hose or any available showers at the beach. Then wipe down thoroughly with a dry towel to help capture and pull the oil from your skin.

By being aware of these problems, you can set up new habits for cleaning off after an exciting beach trip. If you do have a clog after the beach, a plumber can help identify the exact cause and give additional tips on preventing them in the future. For more information on plumbing services in your area, check out sites like http://www.newportnewsvaplumbers.com