Causes Of Water Heaters Warming Sporadically

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Causes Of Water Heaters Warming Sporadically

24 December 2020
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Water heaters are appliances that provide convenience and comfort. When they suddenly stop working or perform erratically, it can be alarming to homeowners. The power source for water heaters is a common cause of erratic behavior. This is why it is one of the first things that should be checked. The following points represent a few reasons why a gas water heater's power light may not stay lit. 

Power Source 

In the case of electric water heaters, tripped circuit breakers may interfere with water heaters receiving electricity needed to warm water. Simply switching the affected circuit back into position can restore the power to the appliance unless another issue exists. Other issues might involve problems with wiring. Faulty heating elements in electric water heaters can cause circuit breakers to trip regularly, signaling a need for water heater repairs. 

Gas water heaters may have more culprits for not working as intended. They are powered by gas and require a power light to warm water. Sometimes the pilot light may go out and not stay lit even when reignited. This is indicative of a water heater repair issue. Gas-powered appliances can be dangerous, and erratic performance should not be ignored due to the deadly consequences of gas leaks or explosions. 


This is a part of water heaters that plays a role in supplying gas to the pilot. If the component is faulty, it will not be able to provide sufficient gas to keep the pilot powered. This will cause the light to go out frequently or not stay lit. Sometimes thermocouple issues are the result of dirt. Water heater maintenance can ensure that components are clean and operational. Faulty thermocouples do not necessitate a need to replace water heaters. The parts can be replaced, but the age of the water heater might make it more sensible to get a replacement.


The settings of the thermostat control the temperature of the water in the tank. A high-temperature setting might result in water heater sensors triggering a water heater to shut down as a safety precaution. Excessively high temperatures can lead to a premature need to replace water heaters. If a water heater has to be set to high temperatures to provide the desired temperature of the water, it could be a sign of a failing unit.

Pilot Tube

The pilot tube is essential to water heater operations in a similar manner as a thermocouple. If it is dirty, it can not perform its job in the gas exchange process. A plumber is a good resource to use to diagnose water heater issues and make repairs. They can also advise you about water heater replacements.

For more information on water heater repair, contact a local plumber.