Is It Time To Call A Pro For Gas Water Heater Repair?

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Is It Time To Call A Pro For Gas Water Heater Repair?

28 September 2020
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You really don't realize just how much you value the modern convenience of gas-powered hot water until the day comes that you have to be without it. The water heater is one of the most disregarded home appliances. It usually sits somewhere in a relatively quiet and secluded location working hard to make sure you get hot water at the turn of a knob.

While these efficient appliances can churn out hot water day after day for a lot of years, they do occasionally develop problems. Some problems are easy enough to manage on your own. But some problems should spur you to contact a gas water heater repair pro for help. 

Your pilot light is burning, but you have no hot water

In a lot of cases with the gas water heater, if you have no hot water at all, it is likely your pilot light has gone out. However, if you go and check the pilot light in the water heater and it is still burning, you may have a different issue at hand. Shut down the gas to the appliance and contact a water heater repair professional for help. In some cases, the heating elements inside the tank will need to be replaced by a professional. 

You get a faint whiff of gas coming from the water heater

You should never smell gas around your water heater, even if you are smelling just the faintest odor. The odor can mean the fuel is not being wholly used by the burner or pilot lot, which is often a sign that the delivery lines that deliver gas to the unit have either malfunctioned or have a leak. Shut down the gas supply immediately, and get in touch with a water heater repair service for help. 

You have a lot of sediment in your hot water

Usually, sediment in a water heater is an indication that your unit needs a good system flush. The minerals in water can collect inside the tank ad components over time and do sometimes end up in your heated water. A system flush is not terribly hard, but if you have an abundance of sediment, it could be a sign of a bigger issue that is going to be harder to flush out through ordinary draining. A professional has the skills and tools to use pressurized water and air to clean the interior of the tank. 

To learn more about water heater repair, reach out to a local plumber.